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We are happy that you are visiting our website. Please let us tell you what Prestige exactly does, in the first place.

We offer diverse technical support services for vehicles as well as professional transportation services. We organize team building events and set up trade fair stands and promotional stands. We know how important the quality of our services is to our customers, that is why we would like you to read...

Why Prestige is trustworthy

  • we use state of the art equipment and vehicles, which ensure comfortable travel,
  • we have extensive and long-lasting experience in providing services to private Customers as well as diversified profile companies,
  • we take care of all the formalities, our company is a holder of a carrier’s third party insurance policy, a license and a certificate confirming the quality of transport services provided by our company,
  • we are always on your side, you can count on our friendly and conscientious attitude,
  • we offer affordable prices, for top quality services – find out yourself, contact us!

Find out about the details of the wide range of services provided by Prestige:

  • TRANSPORTATION – domestic and international. A 10 year-long tradition combined with drivers’ experience and robust vehicles guarantee safe delivery of goods; prices are set individually, each time open for negotiation.
  • CAR WASH – our hand carwash is the right place for every driver. Visit us and have a sip of hot coffee while our professional staff will clean your car properly.
  • AUTO SERVICE STATION – we perform quick and efficient car repairs under very favourable terms. Each driver should have a professional car repair shop at hand, we will never disappoint you!
  • ADVERTISING – we accept orders for setting up and provision of additional services for trade fair stands for companies from various branches, as well as promotional stands for those, who would like to advertise in shopping centres, at trade fairs and other promotional events. Our designs draw people’s attention and highlight the strongest attributes of your offer.

The wide range of services provided by Prestige is ideal for vehicle owners and companies. Our offer is an equilibrium of reasonable pricing and service quality, which gives our Customers the feeling of prestige. We invite everyone interested to contact us – inquire, get information and all that free of charge!